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Gold Coast 500

Car Detailing At The Gold Coast 500

Well, what a week it has been.  If you’ve been down to the Optus Super Sevo in Reedy Creek you would have seen our team busily working away.

The event ran for three- days between the 24th and 26th October and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more if we tried.

It was great meeting all the stars and it was even better getting up close and personal with some of the performance vehicles we detailed.

What Is The Gold Coast 500


The Gold Coast 500, also known as the GC500, is a prestigious motorsport event held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is a round of the Supercars Championship, one of Australia’s most popular and competitive motorsport series. The event typically takes place in late October or early November, attracting thousands of motorsport enthusiasts and fans from around the country and the world.

The Gold Coast 500 is a prominent street racing event that combines high-speed racing with the beautiful backdrop of the Gold Coast’s stunning beaches and cityscape. The race track is set up on the streets of Surfers Paradise, a vibrant and iconic area of the Gold Coast, providing a unique and challenging circuit for the drivers.

The event consists of a series of thrilling races over the course of a weekend, including multiple practice sessions, qualifying sessions, and a range of support categories to complement the main Supercars race. The Supercars race is undoubtedly the highlight of the event, with top drivers and teams from the Supercars Championship competing for valuable championship points and, of course, the honor of winning the Gold Coast 500.

A Standalone Event

One of the unique aspects of the Gold Coast 500 is that it is a “Gold Coast Only” event, meaning that it doesn’t count towards the Supercars Championship but is considered a standalone event. This allows drivers to take more risks and be more aggressive on the track, often resulting in spectacular racing and breathtaking moments for the fans.

The Gold Coast 500 has a rich history dating back to 1991 when it was known as the “Tooheys 1000.” Over the years, it has undergone several name changes and format alterations, but its status as a marquee event on the Supercars calendar has remained consistent. The event has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in Australian motorsport, with famous drivers and teams battling it out for supremacy.

Monte Carlo, But With Sand & Surf

The street circuit at Surfers Paradise is known for its challenging layout, featuring a mix of fast straights, tight chicanes, and unforgiving concrete barriers. This combination tests the skill and bravery of the drivers, as they navigate the circuit at speeds exceeding 250 kilometers per hour.

In addition to the thrilling on-track action, the Gold Coast 500 offers an array of entertainment options for fans of all ages. The event typically includes live music performances, interactive exhibits, merchandise stalls, food vendors, and autograph sessions with the drivers. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere where fans can enjoy a full weekend of motorsport excitement and entertainment.

The Gold Coast 500 – A Boost To The Economy

The Gold Coast 500 has also played a significant role in boosting the tourism industry on the Gold Coast. The event attracts a diverse range of visitors, from motorsport enthusiasts to tourists looking for a unique experience. Local businesses benefit from increased patronage, and the event showcases the Gold Coast as a vibrant and dynamic destination.

It’s not just about the racing; it’s also about the atmosphere and the unique blend of motorsport, entertainment, and coastal beauty that the Gold Coast 500 offers. The event has become a staple on the Australian motorsport calendar, and it continues to captivate fans with its high-octane action, scenic setting, and festive ambiance.

In conclusion, the Gold Coast 500 is a world-class motorsport event that combines the adrenaline of Supercars racing with the stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast’s beachfront and cityscape. It has a rich history, attracting top drivers and teams who push their limits on a challenging street circuit. Beyond the racing, the event offers a plethora of entertainment options, making it a must-visit for motorsport enthusiasts and tourists alike. The Gold Coast 500 is more than a race; it’s an experience that celebrates the thrill of motorsport and the beauty of the Gold Coast.