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A lot of people asks us if paint protection is wort it; we answer in the same way – paint protection just works!In the field of car detailing, car paintwork is regarded as a work of art rather than just being a mechanical process. A flawless car painting requires proper bodywork which involves appropriate welding, sanding and preparing the body for paint. In reality, the car painting job is not a single step procedure as opposed to the common misconception.


Car painting is actually a step-wise process which involves various other different procedures that enhance the appeal of the paint. From waxing, clay bar treatment to paint correction and protection- every step imparts a glossy and defining appeal to your car. Have a look at the different features and functions of these methods:



Waxing has always enhanced the look and feel of a car. Not only, it gives a glossy look to the paint, it also serves as a protective shield against scratches and seals. It makes a car extra shiny. Exposure to things like ultraviolet light, regular exhaust, dirt, grime, and dust creates minute scratches on the car’s clean exteriors. Waxing offers a line of defence on the car top so that when you eliminate dirt and grime, the paint is not damaged.

Top-quality synthetic compounds are easy to use and provide strong protection. Spray-on waxes are also used as they require minimal effort.

Clay bar Treatment

The treatment acts as a primer for a full-fledged car painting procedure. In this process, an auto detailing clay is used to eliminate grime, dust, acid rain marks and other impurities from your car’s outer surfaces. A clay bar is rubbed all over the car’s surface wherein solid particles get stick to the clay. Clay bar treatment is highly-recommended as it eliminates contaminants rooted in the surface that still remains even after a proper maintenance wash.

Clay bar treatment on the paint renders the surface smooth and shiny. After this, your car is all set for polishing or paint protection.

Paint Correction


Paint Correction is a process of reinstating and reviving a car’s paintwork. This involves removal of surface defects, which in turn reflects light in different directions, thus rendering the surface appear dull, hazy and oxidised. These defects comprises of things like swirl scratches, etching caused by bird dropping and acid rain, buffer trails and other scratches.

The process actually involves manual or mechanic application of cleansers, polish or compound of varying grades. Rotatory machine polishers are mainly used to achieve a top-level of correction, thus ensuring an accurate, clean and sharp reflection.

Paint Protection

Paint Protection forms the concluding and an important step of the entire car painting procedure. Also known as paint sealant, it involves usage of top-quality products that “seals” the car’s paint. By forming a defensive layer over the car’s surface, paint protection protects your car from contamination while maximising the overall appeal of the paint finishes. A coating is directly applied to the bare paint, blending with it.

Natural waxes, synthetic polymer sealants and protectors combining both, are frequently used for paint protection. These products create an indistinguishable barrier that stick to the paint and protects it against regular wear and tear, harmful UV radiation, dust and grimes and other contaminating agents.

Dirt Busters specialises in all these methods and utilise top-quality products to ensure perfect car paintwork. Contact us for a flawless car painting procedure and give your car a brand new look.


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