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13/06/2018 Simone Chaplin Great job on my car guys! Looks lovely!
9/06/2018 Tony Jones You did an excelent job on my car, looks brand new. I will definitely be using you again!
7/06/2018 Claire Mine and my husband’s cars looked so good once you were done with them. Who know his ute was blue under all that mud! Will be getting you back when they need doing again.
4/06/2018 Chris My car looked immaculate after you guys were done with it. Just thought I’d let you know after i put it up for sale it was gone the next week, with thanks to you!
3/06/2018 Tim and Sandy We could not fault your service in any way… Friendly staff, no hassles at all.
30/05/2018 Joanne Franz I am very happy with my experience with Dirt Busters and will be recommending them to all my family and friends!
28/05/2018 Sarah Detail was excelent and would thoroughly recommend to others
23/05/2018 Rhys D Will be definately be using you guys to clean my car again!
22/05/2018 Tom Stirling Great value for money!
19/05/2018 Derek I was really impressed and appreciative of the high standard of service i received and will definitely use Dirt Busters again.
15/05/2018 Christine Excellent service with friendly staff and good value for money.
11/05/2018 Steve I was very impressed with the service and i have already passed your details on to family and friends.
8/05/2018 Mark Steel Dirt Busters do a great job- it’s convenient how they are mobile and how promptly they can fit you in.
7/05/2018 Kate Smith I wouldn’t use anyone else!
2/05/2018 Rogger Very impressed.
28/04/2018 Bryony Coombes Wouldn’t have thought my car would have come up so well! I’m so pleased!
26/04/2018 John This was the first time I had used dirt busters and was most satisfied with the friendlyness of your staff and of the end result. Well done!
25/04/2018 Georgia By far the best detailers!!
20/04/2018 Jack Holloway Very happy with how my car turned out and will be using you again
18/04/2018 Luke Simpson No complaints here!
14/04/2018 Kerry Could not fault you in any way- great value, great service!
10/04/2018 Richard Thomas WOW does my car look good now!
5/04/2018 Barry Great fast service!
2/04/2018 Dave Neal Great first time experience. Will definately be booking with you again.
1/04/2015 Holly Douglas This has been the second time me and my husband have used Dirt Busters and we highly recommend your business.
30/03/2018 S Thomas My car looks AWESOME!!!
27/03/2018 Tyhe Harris Friendly and efficient, will not hesitate to tell my friends!
20/03/2018 Dan Great service and much cheaper than other detailers I have used before and got a less satisfying result from. Keep up the good work!
19/03/2018 Erika White Excellent work guys!
16/03/2018 Jess My car looked so good after you were done, the kids are under strick instructions not to touch anything!
14/03/2018 Corey Jackson Fast, efficient, friendly and hassle free.
13/03/2018 Sam Robinson First time user. Great prices. Will be using Dirt Busters again
10/03/2018 Lyn and Michael Why bother cleaning our own cars (and doing an average job at it!) when we can get you guys in instead.
6/03/2018 Alison The detail looked fantastic!
5/03/2018 Aiden Man does my ute look great!!
3/03/2018 Rose McClean Thanks for the great job on my car.
27/02/2018 Danielle Roggers Didn’t think you were going to be able to get those stains out of my seats, but glad to see you did!Everything else looking great too not to mention smelt lovely! Thank you so much!
25/02/2018 Kieron Exceeded my expectations
22/02/2018 Tina Edkin Made my car look 10 years newer!!
19/02/2018 Sean Patison My car looks fantastic
18/02/2018 Neil Was great arriving at work with a filthy car and returning to see it sparkling again! Great job.
11/02/2018 Zoe Matthews Very happy, great job, thanks.
8/02/2018 Jane Browne We use you regularly because of your great services and friendly staff
6/02/2018 Rob Simonds I didn’t know you could get rid of the scratched on my bonnet, I’m so pleased with the result.
4/02/2018 Chloe I can’t believe how awesome my car looks!
1/02/2018 Lewis Cutler Very high cleaning standards. Dirt Busters do our cars fortnightly!
28/01/2018 Lucy Excellent job, thank you!
22/01/2018 Hayley My car looks a million bucks!!
20/01/2018 Ben Connet I used to use the drive through cleaners which only took 15minutes and basically I got what I paid for but when I decided to give Dirt Busters a call, I will now never go back to drive throughs! Dirt Busters did such a great job on my car and I will be back again for sure!
17/01/2018 Josh Great eye for detail. Cheers guys
13/01/2018 Karl Miles Thanks for doing such a good job on my Patrol. Looks terrific.
8/01/2018 Chelsea Atkins Thanks for doing such a wonderful job.
4/01/2018 Brendan Thanks for doing my Commodore yesterday mate, the wife is so happy. It looks awesome!
22/12/2017 AJ Was amazed I could be booked in so close to xmas! And got such good results
20/12/2017 Cameron Bonde Very suprised with how well my car came up, great job guys!
17/12/2017 Jasmine Clark Absolutely fantastic job!
15/12/2017 Tracy Couldn’t be happier!
10/12/2017 Elise G My car needed abit of TLC and thats exactly what it got from Dirt Busters, she looks great now!
9/12/2017 Robin Foster Great job Dirt Busters! Can’t believe how good my chrome wheels look!
7/12/2017 Nathan English Couldn’t believe my eyes, wasn’t even sure you gave me back my car!! Ripper job!
4/12/2017 Pam Just wanted to say thanks for the exceptional job you guys do on my cars each time, you never let me down and I can always rely on you to be there when you say you will!
1/12/2017 Jill Reed Very happy with the end result, I would recommend you to anyone!
30/11/2017 S Tribbel When ever we go out for lunch at work I always offer to drive because I want to show off how awesome my car looks and smells now!
28/11/2017 Abigail My family couldn’t believe how good my car looked when I picked them up from the airport, you did a great job, compliments all round!
24/11/2017 Charlie Swift Amazing results!
20/11/2017 Greg Wouldn’t use anyone else mate!
16/11/2017 C Kelly Its always hard trusting someone with your brand-new car, but I had heard good things about Dirt Busters so decided to give them a call. Honesly it looks just as good as the day I first got it!
14/11/2017 Frank Dirt Busters takes alot of pride in their work, professional in every way. My car looks supurb
10/11/2017 Katherine My Mazda looked so good after you were done, she’s shining like brand new!
5/11/2017 Lorraine I was so pleased by the results, I won’t se anyone but Dirt Busters now!
2/11/2017 Roy Really nice job, paintwork looks great!
29/10/2017 Karen Great job Dirt Busters
23/10/2017 Liam Stokes Best car clean I’ve had EVER!
19/10/2017 Brian Willis Im quite particular with how I like my car cleaned, but I cant fault Dirt Busters in anyway
15/10/2017 Kelsey I was recommended by a friend and I’m so happy with the results!
13/10/2017 Jim Newham Not only does my car look great but I can now see out of my windows at night and when the sun shines!
11/10/2017 Ray I use my car for everything and it hadn’t been cleaned in a while, mud and dog hair everywhere! I didn’t think it would come up as well as you guys got it to and even the doggy smell is gone. Great job!
8/10/2017 Patricia THANK YOU so much dirt busters for your fantastic work
4/10/2017 Simon Crump Will be recommending Dirt Busters to anyone who needs a great job done on their cars
30/09/2017 Chris I am now the envy of everyone at work because my car looks the best in the carpark!
26/09/2017 Sara I get Dirt Busters to clean my car all the time, whether I’m at home or work. And they always do a great job
23/09/2017 Jeremy Curtis Absolutely brilliant job on my car guys, will definately be getting you back to do it again!
19/09/2017 Peter Davenport I was amazed to see how much attention Dirt Busters pays to detail, inside and outside is imaculate
14/09/2017 Emma Dirt Busters you are the best!
12/09/2017 Justin Williams After getting a polish on my car from dirt busters it honestly looks like new again. Good job
11/09/2017 Amanda After calling many detailing companies and either getting no response or being told a rediculously high price I called dirt busters, they were quick to respond and even better they were mobile! I am very happy with the service I received and will definitely be using them again!